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  • 2" Tri-Clamp Sanitary Stainless Steel Gear Adjustable Handle Butterfly Valve

2" Tri-Clamp Sanitary Stainless Steel Gear Adjustable Handle Butterfly Valve

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Entirely 304 sanitary stainless steel including the handle.FDA certificated EPDM seal by AVK Belgium.18 months quality guarantee.Temperature rating (spec): 15°F thru 200°F.Material (spec): 304 Stainless Steel.100% pressure hydraulic tested for reliability.Tri-Clamp butterfly valve max pressure 1.6MPA.AVK Belgium EPDM Seal InsideThe high-quality rubber is resistant to all types of chemicals used in water supply systems. AVK products are tested under national and international standards. The production processes undergo regular testing, and all primary rubber components are marked and identifiable, enabling their full traceability.The main objective is to protect all consumer products from contamination and to ensure that all product surfaces can be mechanically cleaned, sterilized or easily dismantled for manual cleaning. That way, the standard ensures optimum conditions for the food and dairy products that may come into contact with the specific component.AVK has developed an EPDM rubber compound which minimizes the buildup of bio-film. This prevents the bio-film acting as a breeding ground for bacteria.Certified by The Danish Ministry of Health and 3-A SSI as manufacturers of rubber compounds for food and dairy applications.

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